Snap, Crackle and Pop in Woodlawn MD. What is That Noise Anyway?

Snap, Crackle and Pop in Woodlawn MD.
What is That Noise Anyway?

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Even many people who have never been to a Woodlawn chiropractor think of the tell tale \"popping\" or \"cracking\" noise that often happens when a chiropractor adjusts a patient. People who don\'t know the term \"adjustment\" sometimes even say that a chiropractor \"cracks\" joints. While it is true that a crack or pop is often heard during an adjustment making this sound is not the effect that the chiropractor is striving to achieve. What we do is manipulate joints which are not moving properly using a chiropractic adjustment. The noise is merely an incidental happening…which doesn\'t have to happen even if a joint is properly adjusted.

The sound is the release of a gas bubble which forms between the joint when the joint capsule is slightly stretched causing a vacuum or negative pressure in that capsule. The joint capsule is like a small fluid filled pillow that cushions and lubricates the joint surfaces so the joints don\'t wear out (hello, arthritis). So this change in pressure within the joint creates a gas bubble and you sometimes get that curious snap, crackle and pop that people associate with the chiropractic adjustment. Anyone who has ever \"cracked\" their knuckles already knows about the noise even if they never knew why it happened.

So, give our Woodlawn office a call and come in to get and to keep your spine and other joints healthy. Let your joints and your chiropractor make beautiful \"music\" together!

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