Cracking and Popping Sounds in Laurel MD

Cracking and Popping Sounds in Laurel MD

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Most people are familiar with the sound of a knuckle cracking. When you are sitting quietly somewhere the noise of another person cracking their knuckles might annoy you; but if you\'re the person cracking your knuckles the sound is likely associated with the sensation of relief. Have you ever wondered what it is that makes that noise or what is happening when your knuckle or other joint is manipulated? At Laurel Regional Chiropractic what happens when your joints are moved is one of our main concerns!

When visiting a chiropractor such as at Laurel Regional Chiropractic a patient may expect a thorough evaluation including a history and evaluation to determine if chiropractic care is of potential benefit. When chiropractic care is warranted, joint movement (manipulation), might be used in your treatment. When the Doctor of Chiropractic manipulates a joint it may make a characteristic cracking or popping sound

Researchers have recently studied what it is that makes that cracking sound using magnetic resonance imaging or MRI. They were able to take a picture of a sound! Through their studies it has been determined that the noise is made when the joint separates, causing a vacuum to form in the fluid that surrounds your joint spaces; this causes the brief formation of a bubble in the fluid surrounding the joints. The Doctor at Laurel Regional Chiropractic is using this phenomenon to effect change in your joint, the surrounding tissues, and the nerves that a company that joint. During their care at Laurel Regional chiropractic many patients find that this joint manipulation can provide temporary relief of their musculoskeletal pain or discomfort, with an improved range of motion. This can obviously bring relief to sore muscles and joints stiffness in the region where the manipulation was performed. Following chiropractic care a patient might experience better tolerance for activities and increased muscle strength now that their joints are moving more properly again.

So the next time you hear someone cracking their knuckles, consider the relief and improved movement that often accompanies that sound. At Laurel Regional Chiropractic we are in the habit of providing relief of the muscle and joint stiffness that we all too often experience in our daily lives.

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