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Welcome to Barrett Family Chiropractic located in Woodlawn, Maryland.  At Barrett Family Chiropractic we strive to put our patient's needs first...always.  Your Woodlawn Chiropractor will give you a full and very complete examination.  Your condition will be explained to you in great detail.  It is important that the chiropractic patient understand her or his condition and what we can do to help.  You are a partner with your Woodlawn Chiropractor!  After your examination and the explanation of your condition Dr. Barrett will suggest a treatment plan specifically designed for you.  After all, not everyone in Woodlawn, MD as the same body so not everyone will respond to the same type of chiropractic care.  At this point you and Dr. Barrett will discuss your options so that you can make informed decisions about your own healthcare.  Always know that your Woodlawn Chiropractor has your best interest at heart when it comes to helping you get out of pain, regain your health and maintain good health.

Welcome to Barrett Family Chiropractic

Barrett Family Chiropractic and your Woodlawn Chiropractor are easy to find.  We are on Woodlawn Drive just off of Security Boulevard.  After turning onto Woodlawn Drive, heading away from the large Social Security Administration Complex you can look for a traffic light just across from Woodlawn High School and next to the Shoe City Warehouse.  Turn into the access road that runs between the Social Security Administration Annex and the Shoe City Warehouse.  We are in the strip mall under one of the big “points” in the roof.  There is plenty of parking and we are wheelchair accessible.  Can’t find us?  Call us at 410-265-9911 and we’ll be happy to talk you to our office.

Barrett Family Chiropractic and your Woodlawn Chiropractor feel it is our duty to treat every patient with respect, patience and compassion.  We realize how pain can change so many aspects of your life and how that can cause feeling of frustration and depression.  Our goal is to partner with you to improve your health, remove your pain and help you return to a happy and fulfilling life.  Your Woodlawn Chiropractor will take the time to education you on the hows and whys of your condition and what will happen when you begin your treatment plan.  It is our goal to partner with you!

We hope our Woodlawn, Maryland community sees value in what your Woodlawn Chiropractor at Barrett Family Chiropractic has to offer.  If you even think that there is a possibility that you can get some relief in our office please give us a call.  You can talk to Dr. Barrett to ask questions and we can schedule you for an initial consultation so it can be determined if you are a good candidate for Chiropractic care.  Your Woodlawn Chiropractor is here and is waiting to take care of you.

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Barrett Family Chiropractic
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“Dr. Rosa listened carefully as I described what I was dealing with, and took the time to explain to me the problem and diagnosis. He began using techniques that provided relief almost immediately... I would highly recommend anyone on staff with the Rosa practice.”

- Harry C.

“Not only am I no longer having pain, but my mental health and emotional state are better than they have ever been. I truly believe that it is because of my treatments at Perry Hall Chiropractic & Physical Therapy."

- C.C.

“Rosa Family Chiropractic is fantastic! I went in with a long time shoulder injury that has been bothering me over the years. I called up their office (was not put on hold) and was able to get a same-day appointment.”

- Kerry L.

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1724 Woodlawn Drive Suite 7

Baltimore, MD 21207

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