Sitting in Germantown

Sitting in Germantown

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I have been at Barrett Family Chiropractic in Woodlawn, Maryland for almost 20 years now and I have heard the title comment over and over. Someone sprains an ankle or hurts a foot and they have to wear a special shoe or boot for several weeks until that foot or ankle heals. Well, they only have a boot or special shoe on one side so they walk unevenly for a couple of weeks and, BOOM!, BACK PAIN! Its like walking with one foot in a sneaker and one foot in a stiletto pump (sorry gents, but you get the analogy, you don\'t really have to wear pumps)…and once the back pain starts the neck pain may not be far behind!

How can we help? Using a special shoe or boot on both sides really isn\'t practical or comfortable so that\'s not an option for most of us. Just call your friendly Woodlawn Chiropractor and get your uneven gait in here for an evaluation! It is so important to keep the spine and all of the joints above the injury healthy and in good function. This should minimize any back or neck pain that you have while wearing your crazy foot ware but, also, once you are back in normal shoes it will significantly decrease the time your body will need to get back to true normal function and pain free motion. Being well adjusted and keeping the muscles on the injured side from becoming shortened will go a long way to help you feel well overall. Nothing like trading one problem for another so don\'t do it when you have to be treated for any kind of joint injury. Keep your spine feeling good and working properly so you don\'t end up with a healed foot and ankle just to have a back that is completely out of whack!

We can help you with many solutions before you even end up with a problem. We\'re located on Woodlawn Drive very convenient to the Social Security Administration and the Security Square Mall in Woodlawn. Usually we can offer you a same day appointment. Give Dr. Teresa Marie Barrett and Barrett Family Chiropractic a call to learn more about chiropractic care in Woodlawn! (410) 265-9911

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