Exercise For Elderly in Baltimore MD

Exercise For Elderly in Baltimore MD

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How much exercise should older patients be performing? Some may be concerned that exercising might make some of the aches and pains worse. The decision of safety and amount of exercise can be a question for the doctor at Pine Heights Integrative Health. For families in Baltimore who might be concerned about themselves or a loved one, an appointment with the chiropractor can help answer these questions. Some of the common general aches and pains associated with aging can be caused by the decreased muscle mass that commonly accompanies getting older. Beginning in the fourth to fifth decade, people often naturally begin to lose this mass at an increasing rate as age increases. Visiting Baltimore and receiving an exercise prescription can be one of the first steps to improving wellness.

Exercise in general, at any age, has benefits beyond what you see in the mirror or on the scale. Exercise has the ability to change a person\'s physiology, or what their actual muscle cells are actually doing! Including exercise in one\'s life can have the beneficial effects of increasing or preserving muscles, improving lung or aerobic capacity, and decrease pain. Patients who visit Pine Heights Integrative Health can learn ways to include motion, mobility, and exercise in their everyday lives.

For our older patients care is taken to address their specific concerns and capabilities. The staff at Laurel Regional Chiropractic takes the time to ensure that your exercise prescription is personalized to your level of activity and your goals. One of the easiest ways to incorporate exercise is to walk. Walking rarely requires more than proper footwear. As their ability grows, the exercise prescription can grow with the patient, incorporating changes in time and intensity.

The NIH provides some information on this topic for senior as well. It is noted that some may be reluctant to exercise, worrying about harming themselves. The NIH notes that lack of exercise can actually lead to more hospitalizations and more medication use. Exercise can also help to prevent or delay diseases, such as arthritis, heart disease, and diabetes. Another benefit noted is the ability to improve moods and manage stress. All of these things have nothing to do with the scale or with the mirror, but everything to do with regular exercise. Pine Heights Integrative Healthcan help determine how much exercise you can start with, and personalize your prescription as you progress.

The benefits of exercise for older patients are more than just a short blog can consider. Come into Pine Heights Integrative Health and we can go from an idea to action. Taking action to improve your health and wellness as you age is the first step, allowing the staff at Pine Heights Integrative Health to assist you is the second!

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