Reasons for Magnesium (Mg) as a Supplement

Reasons for Magnesium (Mg) as a Supplement

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Last month I was talking about the need to take Magnesium (Mg)as a supplement. This is not limited to my patient\'s in Germantown, but to a good measure everyone, regardless whether they are a Chiropractic patient or not.

Here are some of those reasons:
1) Magnesium is now deficient in the soil in which our foods grows.
2) Refined food lack sufficient Mg.
3) Prescription drugs can cause Mg to be depleted
4) Mg is required for energy production, so if you are exercising you may need larger quantities
5) Mg can help you cope with stress by blocking stress hormones from getting to the brain.
6) It helps prevent constipation.
7) It helps you get a better night\'s rest by relaxing your muscles.
8) Mg assists bone formation and healthy teeth.
9) Mg may help PMS symptoms.
10) Mg may help with Depression.

In my opinion the question is not whether you should be taking Mg, but how much should you take. 

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