Taking Care of Yourself This Holiday Season in Laurel

Taking Care of Yourself This
Holiday Season in Laurel

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With the holiday season well underway, your to-do list is probably brimming! In the weeks following Thanksgiving many people turn their attention to shopping for gifts for family and friends, as well as large grocery shopping trips for holiday meals and pot-luck parties. While we are generally easily able do a little more than usual, large increases in the activities of the season may cause more demand than our bodies can easily handle. The American Chiropractic Association recommends that while we are so busy caring for others, we need to do what we can to help ourselves during this season.

To help you greater enjoy a long day of shopping, these tips are recommended: Wear comfortable shoes with plenty of cushion for long periods of standing and walking. Take a few sitting breaks if you can. If there is a small eatery in your preferred shopping location take advantage of the opportunity to sit, eat, and hydrate. When refueling yourself, choose water over soft drinks and fruit or salads over a burger and fries. Plan your shopping route with visits to your car to deposit purchases so you aren't carrying multiple bags for longer or farther than you need to.

Laurel Chiropractor Provides Some Wrapping Tips

Once you've finished shopping and are preparing those gift for giving, wrapping paper is always a festive option. When wrapping your gift, the ACA recommends changing positions and wrapping locales as you complete this task. While everyone's surroundings differ in availability of wrapping surfaces, there is one no-no: wrapping while sitting on a hard floor. This provides the potential for the worst posture while wrapping. Regardless of where you end up wrapping your well thought-out gifts, do some light stretching when you are done. If you were mostly leaning forward, try leaning back as a stretch.

Of course, during this holiday season and after, a visit to your local chiropractor can help to address any remaining aches and pains following this enjoyable time!

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