Ready or Not, Winter in Woodlawn is Coming!

Ready or Not, Winter in Woodlawn is Coming!


The recent cold snap has come to remind us all that another Mid-Atlantic winter is upon us. No matter if we are ready or not, the snow and ice that we often see in our Woodlawn, Maryland neighborhood are on their way. Every year, as winter approaches, most of us get our cars prepared for the weather, we get our home heating systems checked and we even get new snow shovels and bags of ice melt. Why is it that we spend time and effort to "winterize" our cars and homes yet we often forget to do the same for our own body!

As we bundle up for cold weather and we close the windows of our homes there are a few simple things we can do to keep ourselves and our family safe and healthy.

We tend to let the cold and wet winter weather tends to keep us stuck inside with windows and doors closed tight. Make it a point to open up those windows from time to time, even for short periods of time, to recycle some of that stale "germy" air. Then do the same for your lungs! Put on your hat, gloves and a nice warm coat and get outside. Go for a nice brisk walk or some other type of fun. Toss a ball with the kids (or the dog…they need fresh air too) or get on the swings at your local park. We tend to slack off on fitness during the winter so get that heart rate up and have fun doing it. Your body will feel rejuvenated and I bet you'll find it easier to relax after a bit of movement in the brisk cold air (not to mention it will wear the kids out and they just might fall asleep a bit early at night).

Get Winter Weather in Woodlawn

Plan ahead for the bad weather because it's likely to come and it's likely to be unpredictable. In Woodlawn, Maryland we tend to get snow but we also get a lot of ice…be ready for both! Make sure you have a couple of different types of show shovels at home. A "plow" type will allow you to push the snow out of the way instead of having to lift. When we are expecting a big snow fall you may even consider getting outside after every few inches fall so that you can continue to "plow" and you won't have a ton to lift when the snow stops. If the snow piles up or if its too wet to "plow" then you will need a different type of shovel; one designed to lift and carry the snow. Look for an ergonomic shovel and be sure to bend at the knee and lift with your legs. Lift with your back and you will find yourself at your friendly neighborhood chiropractor's office (at Barrett Family Chiropractic we'll be ready for your call…410-265-9911). One little trick to take the strain off of your arms and legs: When moving snow, spray your shovel with a little bit of non-stick cooking spray. It will help those chunks of snow slide right off of the shovel minimizing strain to your body. I think the best plan for shoveling snow is to keep a small supply of cash in the house and be willing to hire those neighborhood kids to clear the walks and the cars for you!

Because our area also tends to get a lot of ice and freezing rain, be ready with plenty of pet safe snow melt on hand. Don't keep it in your car or you may have to walk across the ice to get it; not a good plan. Keep a good supply right outside the door so it is easily accessible. Make sure to put the ice melt on the ice BEFORE you put your feet on the ice! Taking a tumble can be very dangerous, besides neck and back injuries, you don't want to risk a concussion (or worse) by hitting your head when you fall. If you do happen to fall we are ready to help. Sometimes it doesn't seem like a big deal until the aching and pain sets in a day or so later. Your body takes time for the swelling to settle in and that's when all of the body's alarms go off.

The best "winterization" strategy you have is to get and keep yourself healthy and happy. Good spinal health improves the overall health of your body. A healthy body can fight off viruses and other germs that cause cold and flu. Call us for a same day appointment with our Woodlawn chiropractor: 410-265-9911. Come in for your chiropractic adjustment so your body is ready no matter what this winter may bring!

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