Reducing Cancer and Heart Disease Risks in Baltimore MD

Reducing Cancer and Heart Disease Risks in Baltimore MD

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No, really. The tasty little nuggets from trees that squirrels covet can also benefit humans in a number of healthy ways. In the past few years a number of studies have implied that greater consumption of nuts in the human diet may protect us against certain types of cancer, heart disease, some degenerative diseases of the nerves, and possibly even type 2 diabetes.

One study found that individuals who ate at least one handful of nuts or peanuts per day had a lower risk of dying of common but major causes of death compared to those people who did not consume nuts or peanuts. The major causes of death this study kept track of included respiratory diseases, degenerative nerve disorders, diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease. Interestingly, while peanuts (which grow in the ground) showed equal effects on these health depleting disorders as nuts that grow on trees the desirable health stimulating effects were lost if the peanuts were made into peanut butter.

Another study showed that the protective qualities of nuts and peanuts cross demographics including low to high income individuals from black, white, and Asian ancestral backgrounds. The success of low cost income peanuts in preventing these disease processes was equal to higher priced tree nuts so almost everyone can afford adding these tasty nuggets to their daily meal plans. However, still another study showed similar results but this study revealed that the relatively expensive walnut was the most protective nut to consume.

The health benefits from adding a handful of nuts to your everyday diet can be significant. Folks who consumed nuts had a 39 percent lower mortality risk with people who consumed walnuts in particular showed a whopping 45 percent lower mortality rate than test subjects who did not consume nuts. And it does not take an exorbitant amount of nuts to achieve good results. Test subjects who consumed more than three servings of nuts per week achieved a 55 percent reduction in mortality risk from cardiovascular disease and a 40 percent lesser chance of dying from cancer.

However, it may be difficult to show that nut consumption alone had these positive effects because nut consumers in the studies also had a lower body mass index, were less likely to be smokers, and were more physically active than folks who did not consume nuts. People who consumed nuts regularly also consumed more vegetables, fruit, and fish which may have had an effect on the overall health benefits found in this group so all health benefits cannot be attributed to nut consumption alone.

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