Chiropractic Care and Exercise As Remedy for Neck Pain in Laurel

Chiropractic Care and Exercise As Remedy for Neck Pain in Laurel

neck pain

So many people complain of neck pain, you've probably experienced it or someone you know has. It can be caused by different reasons, sometimes it may have been a sudden injury such as a car accident or a fast movement to catch something that is falling. Other times it may have resulted from repetitive or prolonged motions and postures, such as staring at a computer or keyboard all day or constantly looking down to use ones smartphone. Regardless of the causes, chiropractic care may be the solution. Following exam, Dr. Hawk at Laurel Regional Chiropractic may determine that chiropractic care can help your pain.

What sort of care is beneficial?

As a chiropractor, Dr. Hawk uses various methods to help deal with this type of pain, including neck adjustments, as well as mobilization, massage, and rehabilitative exercises. An adjustment is performed to the joints of the body, including the joints in the neck, by hand. As a part of the personalized treatment plan, Dr. Hawk might also perform muscle treatment techniques to the muscle of the neck, shoulder, and upper back. Specific exercises and stretches may be practiced and assigned for you to do at home, some on a routine basis, and some to be done whenever you are feeling stiff or sore.
Research has shown that chiropractic care is effective in helping persons decrease and manage their neck pain. By decreasing their pain, many patients may be able to avoid pain medications, reduce their medications, or stop them altogether! If you are taking these medications under the care of another doctor, they will most certainly be pleased to see you having less reliance on medication! Research has also shown that specific neck and shoulder exercises are beneficial in reducing neck pain. Dr. Hawk at Laurel Regional Chiropractic can help to determine if these exercises would be beneficial, and if so, direct you in their proper initiation and continued performance. Call today for an appointment, and help take care of that neck pain!

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