Posture While Working From Home in Baltimore

Posture While Working From Home in Alexandria VA

Most of us are currently working from home. Have you noticed an increase in headaches or eye strain? If so, it might be due to your computer screen. When working from home in Baltimore, most people are using laptops, which means that our necks are flexed forward most of the day. In order to have correct ergonomics, your computer should be placed higher. Try placing a package of computer paper underneath your laptop or desktop to raise it up higher. You essentially want your computer to be at a level where your eyes are straight forward looking at the top 1/3 of the screen. If you have multiple monitors, make sure they are at the same level. Your eyes work similarly to the wings of a plane. If your monitors are not level, your head will tilt in order to compensate for the change in position. This causes the suboccipital muscles in the back of your neck to become tight, and in turn this causes headaches! Eye strain can be caused by the UV light from your computer screen, as well as your TV and cell phone. A simple fix is to get blue light blocking glasses! The blue light that is emitted from screens can causes headaches as well as a disruption in your sleep, because it suppresses the release of melatonin in your brain.

Tips To Avoid Aches & Pains While Working From Home in Baltimore MD

It is all important to be seated in a chair where you can have your feet placed flat on the ground, and have your back comfortably against the chair. A good simple way to make sure you keep good posture is to roll a bath towel up and place it in the small of your back. This will act as both a lumbar support and a cue to make sure your back and shoulders are not rounding forward. You also want your elbows to be bent to 90 degrees and to make sure that your wrists are neutral and not in a flexed or extended position. Come see us for more tips in Baltimore!