Chiropractic Care For Headaches in Rockville

Chiropractic Care for Headaches in Rockville

Headaches can be debilitating. Too often we reach for over-the-counter pain killers to reduce the pain and are left without relief. Rosa Chiropractic and Physical Therapy Center in Rockville, MD is here to help.  Our providers are well trained in identifying the cause of headaches and offer a drug-free method of reducing and eliminating headache pain.

Causes of Headaches

Headaches come in many different shapes and sizes. Some of the most common types of headaches are tension headaches, cervicogenic headaches, and migraine headaches. Tension headaches are caused by muscle tension, resulting in tight muscles and trigger points. These trigger points refer pain to the head, often resulting in a dull headache that can feel like a band around the head. Cervicogenic headaches originate from dysfunction in the neck, also known as the cervical spine. Migraine headaches are often accompanied by addition symptoms such as sensitivity to light or sound and nausea.

Treatment of Headaches in Rockville MD

All of these headaches can be managed safely and effectively though chiropractic care. At Rosa Chiropractic and Physical Therapy Center, we use a combination of chiropractic care and muscle work to treat the root cause of your headaches. Additionally, we offer passive pain relief modalities such as heat therapy and electric stimulation therapy to help reduce your symptoms. If you suffer from headaches, make an appointment today and start your journey towards headache relief!