My boss is a pain in the neck in Woodlawn MD

My boss is a pain in the neck in Woodlawn MD

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It is true that your Woodlawn boss can literally be a pain in your neck! See, I believe you even if no one else does. Your boss, sometimes through no fault of her/ his own (or through EVERY fault of her or his own) can cause you so much tension and stress that you literally get a pain in your neck. Stress leads to tight muscles which can lead to tension headaches and neck pain…often significant neck pain.

We often internalize stress of any kind. What is in our mind becomes how our body reacts. Stressed lately? Take a second to look and see if you are wearing your shoulders like ear muffs. Yup, you are, right? Most of us can\'t get rid of our stress even if we can minimize it. But then what can we do to stop looking like we\'re wearing clothing of the 80s with those awesome HUGE shoulder pads?

Relax. Force yourself to relax. Feels weird, doesn\'t it? Keep trying and it will get easier and more natural. I promise. Meditation is a great way of relaxing but you don\'t need to burn incense, light a candle or put on your yoga pants to meditate (you don\'t need to risk getting stuck on the floor sitting \"Indian Style\" like you did in Kindergarten). Have a seat. Turn off your phone. Take a few very slow deep breaths and try to let your shoulders fall back where they belong! Ok, it takes some practice. Maybe some music would help or a CD talking you through a mediation or relaxation session. Whatever you find that floats your boat you just need to take time for yourself…to center yourself on your inner person and let the other stuff fall away. Believe me, all the other stuff will be there waiting for you when you are done with your meditation/relaxation exercise so why not put it down for 10 or 15 minutes. Let the stress go for a few minutes and get your ears a pair of ear muffs so they don\'t feel so lonely when your shoulders leave them to go live where they belong!

Now that you\'re starting to let the tension go, come in to our Woodlawn chiropractic office to see us for a visit. Let us pay special attention to your muscles and joints and you\'ll feel like a new person in no time (well, maybe not completely new but you\'ll feel a lot better)!

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