Overall Health in Germantown

Overall Health in Germantown

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As a Chiropractor in Germantown, when I sit down with a new patient, they will often attribute their complaint to \"getting older\". But there are many things that we can do to maintain a strong and healthy back. As we age the back may undergo degenerative changes, what most people call arthritis, which can include, disc degeneration, spinal canal narrowing, and changes in the joints of the spine. As a result, some may experience back pain, but many do not. And those that do often do not have the pain on a constant basis, though the degenerative changes in their spines is unchanged.
Posture is important for your back health. Good posture will minimize the stress on your spine and the surrounding musculature. And this can help reduce future pain. While seated don\'t slouch, try moving to the front of your chair and sitting up straight with both feet flat on the floor.
Try to strengthen your back, this will help to reduce the pain. You want to strengthen your core. Here are some exercises:

  • Superman: Lie on your stomach on a flat surface and raise both your arms and your legs at the same time as though you are flying. Hold the position for five seconds. Then repeat 10 times. This helps strengthen your lower back.
  • Pelvic tilt: Lie on your back with your knees bent. In this relaxed position, the small of your back will not touch the floor. Tighten your abdominal muscles so that the small of your back presses flat against the floor. Hold for five seconds, then relax. Repeat three times and gradually build to 10 repetitions.
  • Knees-to-chest: Lie on your back with both legs straight. Bring one knee up to your chest, pressing the small of your back into the floor (see pelvic tilt). Hold for five seconds and repeat five times. Repeat exercise with the other leg.
  • Back extension stretch: Lie on your stomach. Use your arms to push your upper body off the floor. Hold for five seconds. Let your back relax and sag. Repeat 10 times.

In general, there are also things we can do to help our backs, and overall health: DO NOT SMOKE, maintain a healthy weight, and stay active.

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