Chiropractic Wellness Patient – Rosa Family Chiropractic of Alexandria, VA

Chiropractic Wellness Patient - Rosa Family Chiropractic of Alexandria, VA

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What are chiropractic wellness visits? During a chiropractic wellness visit, the patient\'s spine is assessed for chiropractic subluxations. During these visits, the patient usually says, \"I just want to make sure that everything is properly aligned\" and or, \"I really do not have pain, but I would like to maintain overall wellness.\"

Who can be a wellness patient? A wellness patient is anyone that receives chiropractic adjustment, because they would their spine and extremities to function at their body\'s optimum. These patients can be: athletes, adults without pain complaints and or children without a reported chief complaint.

At Rosa Family Chiropractic of Alexandria in Virginia, which is located at 4875 Eisenhower Avenue Suite 215 Alexandria, VA 22304, chiropractor Dr. Jasmine Bradley will examine the patient to assess the spinal column and extremities. As a result, Dr. Bradley will evaluate the structures and biomechanics of the patient to assess how well the body is functioning.

In the case of a wellness patient, the patient schedules chiropractic office appointments, based on how long and how well they are able to maintain their chiropractic adjustment. Dr. Bradley will design a recommended treatment plan, in which the patient is actively involved in setting up, for their chiropractic care.

With chiropractic wellness patients, chiropractic subluxations and musculoskeletal conditions are present, along with vertebral motion segments that may not have pain, but spinal fixations. When these components remain unassessed with the failure of being adjusted, this eventually progresses as: pain in the chiropractic subluxation regions, decreased range of motion, joint restrictions, nerve interference to the involved area and the organs supplied by the nerves, decrease in blood flow and disease.

Oftentimes, people do not realize that chiropractic adjustments are essential for the brain to properly communicate with the nerves of the body, which make up the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system. When chiropractic subluxations are present, nerve interference results in poor communication from the brain to the spinal cord and vice versa, from the spinal cord to the brain.

In the case of chiropractic vertebral subluxations, Dr. Bradley of Rosa Family Chiropractic of Alexandria, is able to use various adjustment techniques, in order to properly adjust and reposition the misaligned segment and or regions. In addition, Dr. Bradley will discuss ways that the patient can maintain their chiropractic adjustment and teach the patient therapeutic exercises to strengthen the surrounding muscles of the adjusted regions.

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