Exercise in Baltimore MD

Exercise in Baltimore MD

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Even though most fitness experts recommend at least five days a week of exercising, for most of us that is simply not realistic. We have very busy lives, a spouse, we have children, work, etc. - all the hours in a day do not feel like enough to accomplish all that we need too. And of course this does not even include those situations that pop up: sick child, school holidays, snow days and work issues that often capture any free time you might have.
If you are find it difficult to find time to exercise, here are a few suggestions to help you fit exercise into your schedule:

  • Go for a walk. By yourself, with your dog, or kids, but get moving.
  • Play with your kids. Through a ball around outside.
  • Housework. Try vigorously mopping, sweeping or vacuuming to burn calories.
  • Take the stairs.
  • Multi task. Turn on a movie and get on the treadmill, or do some yoga while you're watching. Do sit ups or pushups while watching TV.
  • Get up, move. If you sit at your job all day, take a break and walk. Also better for your back!.
  • Talk and stretch. Do some light stretching while you on the phone.
  • Of course you could get up thirty minutes earlier in the morning and go for a walk or do some yoga.

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