Safety Conscious Homes for the Elderly

Safety Conscious Homes for the Elderly

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Doctors of Chiropractic are well known for taking care of patients who have suffered falls or other injuries. They also seem to have a large part of their practice dedicated to older Americans who suffer the maladies of age and find great relief at the office of their local chiropractor. Falls by an older person are of particular interest to a Doctor of Chiropractic, particularly falls in the home, are to be avoided for older patients and can be avoided with a little bit of forethought. Here are a few tips for age-proofing the home of older people.

Area rugs are a common source of falling so they should be removed and replaced with a non-slippery floor covering. All edges should be taped down on area rugs that cannot be removed so a shuffling foot of an older person does not become entangled in the rug precipitating a fall. Another tripping hazard can be found in electrical extension cords. Either remove electrical cords or is that is not possible secure them to the floor or wall so they are no longer a tripping hazard. A trip to your local hardware or home supply store (maybe even electrical supply stores or those carrying computer and/or electrical appliance outlets) to find a tapered plastic covering for electrical cords can be helpful when a cord must run across the floor.

A very simply yet overlooked facet of home safety is the removal of clutter. This includes clutter on the floor to avoid tripping hazards but it should also include removing unsecured clutter from table tops and counters. A stack of mail or papers can easily be knocked from their perch onto the floor and a slip or fall may result as a consequence of this newly created vulnerability.

Dimly lit hallways or rooms are a danger made more hazardous by declining eyesight. Simply placing more light appliances or higher wattage bulbs (if the appliance or lamp can is designed for high watt bulbs) can alleviate many of the illumination perils commonly encountered in a person\'s home. Bathrooms not only can be denizens of darkness with minimal lighting available but also have numerous tripping or slipping hazards that are inherent to their design. Non slip mats or floor surfaces in the shower or bathtub along with sturdy handrails copiously and judiciously placed around bathtubs/showers, toilets, and even the walls leading into or located near bathroom fixtures can offer tremendous stability at times of potential disaster. Balancing on one foot to enter or exit a bathtub or shower is particularly perilous for senior with less-than-perfect balance. Realistically, such precautions are beneficial for people of all ages so the time and effort is worthwhile for everyone living in a house.

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