Text Neck in Germantown MD

Text Neck in Germantown MD

woman with phone

If you spend any time around people, you will notice so many people here in Germantown are constantly looking down. It\'s not that they are necessarily sad, they are looking at their phones.

Every time you look down to text, up to 60 pounds of weight, equal to four bowling balls, is added to the stresses on your neck. Texting can cause \"Tech Neck\". Tech neck describes the injuries and pain resulting from too much time spent looking down at wireless devices: headaches, neck, upperback, shoulder, and arm pain.

Avoid Tech Neck, get your chin up. Improve your posture. Look at your device in a neutral position. Adjust your eyes and do not change the position of your neck. Doctors of Chiropractic in Germantown are often consulted for spinal issues, pain, and posture correcting advice.

So get that bowling ball off of your neck.

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