Chiropractic for Pain Relief in Laurel

Chiropractic for Pain Relief in Laurel

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How is it that chiropractic care including chiropractic adjustments, can help manage musculoskeletal pain? Understanding some human anatomy and understanding what pain is might help to give this answer. Pain is what our brains interpret a sensory signal from our body to be. When a patient comes to a chiropractor in Laurel with a complaint of pain in the back, the chiropractor can help to explain that the sensation of pain is the result of a sensory nerve sending a signal to the brain. This sensation is just one of many sensation signals that our nerves send to our brain. Other sensations that get sent include temperature, touch, vibration, and location. Those location signals are very important in maintaining our place in the world around us, and these location signals are called proprioception. These proprioception sensory nerves are connected into our muscles and the tissues of the joints and provide the brain with information about where your limbs and body are and what they are doing. Some examples to think of are where to reach to scratch that itch on your back, the ability to walk up stairs without looking at your feet, or typing without looking at the keys. Even though we aren't looking at our bodies doing these things, the limbs know just how far to move, and how far they have moved!

Chiropractic Care in Laurel

So how is it that knowing about all of these sensations other than pain can help relieve your musculoskeletal discomfort? Well according to a theory first considered over 50 years ago, the sensation of pain that is sent to the brain can be decreased or blocked! How is that that this can occur, and how is that chiropractors can be a part of this? Providing an increase in the proprioceptive information can help to block the painful sensory information that is sent to the brain from a specific body part! Chiropractors in Laurel can help achieve this by using joint manipulation. Each of the body's joints if packed with these location sensing nerves which are in constant contact with the brain, allowing the brain to know where the body parts are at all times. By stimulating these nerves through an adjustment, and providing the brain with a flood of fresh information from the sensory nerves in that region of the body, the chiropractic adjustment can decrease the amount of input that the brain receives from the pain sensing signals!

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