Exercise and Movement in Laurel MD

Exercise and Movement in Laurel MD

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You might not think of exercise and movement as a solution for low back pain, but often it is one of the best therapies available. Many things can contribute to low back pain in a person. Injury and trauma, such as a motor vehicle accident, or a lifetime of sitting in a desk chair are a few common culprits. Getting to the cause of the problem and successfully treating that issue is something that your chiropractor at Laurel Regional Chiropractic in Laurel is uniquely suited for! After a thorough evaluation, your care will likely include manipulation of your spinal joints and a prescription for home exercises.

These exercises might have the common title of \"core\" exercise. These muscles are comprised of your abdominals and your back muscles. Together these muscles form a natural \"lifting\" belt, helping to naturally support your back while your move through your day. Visit Dr. Shannon Hawk and she can help you determine whether exercising these muscles would be beneficial for you. Come visit us in Laurel for management of your low back pain. Working your core can help to ease low back pain and help to prevent future injury!

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