Driving and Back Pain in Wheaton

Driving and Back Pain in Wheaton

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As warmer weather approaches, many of us will be spending more time driving. Sitting in the car for extended periods of time increases risk for developing back pain.Sitting puts nearly twice the stress on the spine as standing; slouching while you sit increases the pressure even more. That\'s because hunching forward pushes the back into a convex or unnatural curvature. Sitting also tightens and shortens the psoas-the strong hip flexor-which can affect how the pelvis rotates and increase the load on the low back. The gluteal muscles, meanwhile, stretch out, but they\'re not being used so they turn off and get weaker (flabbier!) from sitting.A few tips to avoid back pain when driving a long distance:

1. Don\'t sit on your wallet, cell phone or anything else that may throw your spine out of alignment.

2. Get out of your car to stretch the hamstrings. Walk around a bit to increase circulation and stretch out the back muscles.

3. If your car seat provides little back support, roll up a towel or pillow and place it between your lower back and the seat for more support.4. Move your seat forward. It helps to get as close to the steering wheel as you can without becoming uncomfortable. Hide original message

Chiropractic care and exercise in Wheaton are often a good treatment for lower back pain. At Wheaton Chiropractic, LLC, we also teach our patients the stretching and strengthening exercises to alleviate back pain and strengthen the back.

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