Posture Definitely Matters in Germantown

Posture Definitely Matters in Germantown

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Whether you live in Germantown or Gaithersburg, MD or even Tokyo, modern activities of daily living, such as spending a lot of time in front of a computer, on out phones, and watching television can lead to poor posture. This will often lead to pain in our necks, back, and shoulders, plus occasionally numbness in our extremities. I am constantly seeing patients with these complaints in my office, Cramer Chiropractic & Rehabilitation for exactly these problems. Additionally, a person\'s posture can reflect how they are feeling emotionally as well. People with good posture tend to have greater confidence, and can appear to be happier, while poor posture is more indicative of lower self confidence and possibly depression.

How can you fix your posture:

1) Pay attention to your posture, At various times of the day, take a moment and be conscious of how you are standing, sitting, etc. If you continually remind yourself to keep your head up, your body will start to find itself in this position more often.

2) See your Chiropractor. Regular chiropractic care can help you gain and maintain good posture, and makes it easier to keep your back straight no matter what position you are in.

3) Try to limit your use of your phone or tablet. Recent studies found tilting your head 15 degrees increased the pressure on your neck 27 pounds, while 60 degrees increased the pressure by 60 pounds. I know that limiting their use is extremely difficult, even for me, but maybe try bringing them up higher, more to eye level if possible, so you don\'t put as much strain on your neck.

Posture definitely matters to your physical and emotional health, and fixing it is possible with just a few lifestyle changes.

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