Back to School Backaches in Baltimore

Back to School Backaches in Baltimore MD

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Here in Baltimore, MD at Pine Heights Integrative Health we see and treat people of all ages.  We can always tell Autumn has arrived because we see an increase in students of all ages with backaches…they mention the pain started "about a month ago, right around the time I went back to school."  I always ask if they carry a backpack and almost always the answer is "yes".  I usually have the student bring in their backpack loaded with whatever they might carry on a regular day.  Many times the backpacks are overloaded for the size of the student or they are worn improperly putting too much stress on the spine and muscles of the neck and back.  We are approaching back to school time so it is important to put some extra thought into your student's backpack or other means of carrying the physical load.

You should plan on your student wearing their backpack over both shoulders instead of slinging it over one.  One strap on each shoulder will more evenly distribute the weight so the load can be shared by the entire back and shoulders.  The backpack should be no bigger than the area of the back from the line stretching across the shoulders to an imaginary line just above the waist and the straps should also be shortened so that the loaded backpack rides in this area…not above and not below.  Most people tend to wear the pack too low which puts the heaviest weight in the small of the back.  This puts most of the weight of the loaded pack right in the lower back which can cause an increase in the curve in that area.  This will jam the joints together and, over time, can create pain in the lower back and shortening of the lower back musculature.  Keep that pack off of the lower back!

So remember:

  1. Size the backpack to the student…the smaller the student the smaller the pack.
  2. Use both shoulder straps so the backpack rides high and even over the mid back and does not "sag" into the lower back.
  3. Carry only what you need to keep the weight of the pack as light as possible.
  4. Have your student come in for a Chiropractic Examination so any problems can be caught and reversed BEFORE they cause dysfunction and pain.

So, go purchase that backpack!  Should you choose Pokemon, Disney Princesses or a sophisticated looking JanSport, pack it with the items you usually carry and bring it in to see us at Pine Heights Integrative Health in Baltimore MD. We will be happy to go over "backpack ergonomics and basics" with you.  Just call (410) 878-2530 for an appointment and enjoy the rest of your summer.  "Back to school" is right around the corner!!

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