5 Tips for a Safe Road Trip in Takoma Park

5 Tips for a Safe Road Trip in Takoma Park

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During the spring and summer months, millions of people take to the road to enjoy family time together. Most of the time, things go off without a hitch. You and your family have a camera card and a brain filled with wonderful memories. However, with more and more people on the road the risk of accidents tends to rise.  Here are 6 easy tips to ensure that you stay safe while traveling:

1. Drive the speed limit - According to the Federal Highway Administration, your risk of involvement in a fatal accident is approximately 1% when driving 55 mph.  That risk rises to 7% with only a 5 mph increase in speed.  As far as non-fatal accidents are concerned, it is estimated that there are 3 million new cases of whiplash and whiplash associated disorders every year.

2. Get a good night\'s sleep - Driver fatigue is a major cause of accidents. Be sure you start the day well rested. Get a good night\'s sleep and have a healthy breakfast before starting out. Try to avoid foods with high sugar content to prevent the inevitable \"crash\" that occurs due to the rapid rise and fall of blood sugar levels.

3. Take frequent breaks - Studies have shown that driving while tired or drowsy is equivalent to driving drunk. Prolonged driving can also aggravate lower back pain and other musculoskeletal conditions. Taking frequent breaks helps stretch the body and focus the mind.

4. Enforce seat belt use - It cannot be overstated that seat belts SAVE LIVES. In addition to buckling up, please make sure that any and all passengers are buckled up or restrained in a car or booster seat. NEVER remove a baby from their car seat while driving and do not allow children to climb throughout the vehicle while it is moving.

5. Be wary of trucks - We all have to share the road. Remember that 18 wheeler and other large vehicles are not as maneuverable as your sedan or coupe. Give them a wide berth and don\'t attempt to \"draft\" them or follow too closely. If you cannot see their mirrors, they cannot see you. Its not just a saying.

When accidents do occur, whiplash injuries are often the result of the neck being forced past its normal range of motion. This causes damage to the muscles, ligaments, and even the fibers of the intervertebral disc. Symptoms of whiplash include neck and shoulder pain, headache, difficulty moving the head and swelling.

Chiropractic remains the treatment of choice for millions of those that have sustained whiplash injuries. Many of our patients at Takoma Chiropractic see faster and longer lasting results when compared to other treatments like medication.

Enjoy the road!

Dr. Paul S. Tetro
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