Should My Child See a Woodlawn MD Chiropractor?

Should My Child See a Woodlawn MD Chiropractor?

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When someone asks me if their child should see a Woodlawn chiropractor I want to answer: Does your child have a spine? Then, YES, your child should see a chiropractor. Ok. I have to admit that is a pretty short and slightly snarky answer to a very serious question so I\'ll take some time to explain the \"whys\".

What is the first thing that happens to a child as it is being born? A pair of rather large hands reaches out to grab a rather small head (with an even smaller neck) and those hands pull and twist to help deliver that little life into this world. I cringe when I think of all of those tiny spinal neck joints and those little weak neck muscles. I know the OBs are as gentle as possible but that is still a lot of stress and force on those structures. Many people choose to get their baby seen by a chiropractor at a very young age for this reason.

Over the next several years a baby learns to sit, then stand, then walk and there are plenty of bumps and falls along the way. Chiropractic can help lessen the stress on the spine as the curves of the neck and lower change to the complete opposite direction in order that these new talents can develop. Those bumps and falls can also cause minor damage to spinal tissue as well as extremities and that damage may build up over time and cause future problems. Correct the problems when they are small and they will never become big problems.

As they grow children learn to play harder and many get into sports, dance or other activities that continue to put stress on all of the joints of these quickly growing bodies…as the stress of getting bigger wasn\'t already enough. Chiropractic can be essential after any kind of sports injury and can even help reverse musculoskeletal damage that occurs just by participating in rigorous and physical activities. It is so important to return function and strength to damaged tissues so that these young bodies will continue to grow properly. I\'ve seen the x-rays of an 18 year old with the beginnings of osteoarthritis…not a pretty picture.

So, yes, your child should see a Woodlawn chiropractor. How often is up to an individual\'s particular needs. Bring your child in for a chiropractic evaluation and let us discuss a personalized plan based on the age, stage and activities of your child. Help them grow to be the best that they can be!

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