Vitamin D in Laurel MD

Vitamin D in Laurel MD

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With summer coming to a close many people are beginning to wear a bit more and stay outside less and less. As the weather gets cooler, the amount of sunshine we enjoy gets shorter and shorter. While most of us only consider the changes in wardrobe and outdoor activities, we should consider our changing dietary needs as well. Known as the Sunshine Vitamin, vitamin D is created in our bodies when we are exposed to sunlight. In the winter months, many of us hardly create vitamin D from the sun at all! This lack of sunshine exposure and a host of other factors can cause many to develop a vitamin D deficiency. The Vitamin D Council identifies some known factors in vitamin D deficiency as: pregnancy or obesity, darker skin, very little outdoor sun exposure (either from covering the skin all the time or from being indoors all the time), and living far from the equator.

The Vitamin D Council recognizes some signs and symptoms of vitamin D deficiency as tiredness and general aches and pain. They note that some people with severe deficiency may have a deeper pain, felt like it is in the bones, with weakness which can affect your ability to move around. They also noted frequent infections may be present as well. Others may not note anything wrong at all. The two main ways to increase your vitamin D are sun exposure and vitamin supplements. While sun exposure is free and easy, it does carry the risk of sunburn and long term side effects such as premature aging. Supplementation with a vitamin D is an easy alternative. For those in Laurel Maryland, visiting Dr. Hawk at Laurel Regional Chiropractic can be an initial step in determining whether or not you are deficient in vitamin D.

When choosing a supplement, Dr. Hawk can help you find a quality, affordable vitamin D. More than just a \'sunshine vitamin\' it is essential in building and maintaining strong bones and teeth. The Vitamin D Council states that vitamin D is functions in the body to help with your immune system, muscle functions, heart and circulation, respiratory system, brain development, and has anti-cancer effects! All of those are highly important! Visit Dr. Hawk at Laurel Regional Chiropractic to learn more about how vitamin D can help you!

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