Side Effects of Commonly Prescribed Medications in Laurel

Side Effects of Commonly Prescribed Medications in Laurel

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Chances are you know someone who is taking a medication for high cholesterol, a statin. High cholesterol is considered a cardiovascular disease and can put a person at risk for heart disease. Treatment of this condition is very important! If you or someone you know has been informed that their cholesterol is high, there are many ways to that it can be cared for. The first options are to adopt a healthy diet, manage ones weight, and partake in regular physical activity. Sometimes these changes do not work well or fast enough for a patient. When this is the case, their medical doctor may prescribe cholesterol lowing medications, such as statins. While these medications are important for decreasing the risk of heart disease, statins do come with common side effects.

One of the common side effects of statin medications is that the patient feels muscle pain, soreness, tiredness, or weakness. These can be of considerable concern for a patient because these symptoms are not eased with over the counter medications that might have been helpful in the past. These muscular effects can be the result of a deficiency caused by the statin itself. While statins are intended to disrupt the formation of cholesterol in the body, they also disrupt the formation of an important component of energy in the muscle. When this energy component is decreased, patients may feel tired, sore, achy, and fatigued.

One way to minimize the decrease in this component of muscle energy is to supplement with CoQ10. CoQ10 is an enzyme used by your cells in the creation of energy for the muscles. This same enzyme also works in the body as an anti-oxidant.

For patients in Laurel, Dr. Hawk can help with the common side effect of muscular pain, achiness, and tiredness. By working with your medical doctor and considering your personal medical history, Dr. Hawk can determine whether supplementing with CoQ10 might be helpful. The staff at Laurel Regional Chiropractic is ready to consider your needs and help you in your wellness goals!

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