Chiropractic's Role in Relieving Stress in Baltimore

Chiropractic's Role in Relieving Stress in Baltimore

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Stress is endemic in our daily lives. It seems that everyone has some form of stress from family responsibilities, inability to meet financial obligations, and even the torrid pace demanded to complete simple household chores in a timely manner. At work stress may result from strict time demands, commuting traffic, or conflict with coworkers. Simply placing the needs of others above your own needs may possibly be the leading cause of stress in your life.

But what exactly is stress? One explanation states that stress is a decrease in a person\'s sense of well-being comprised of changes in their environment or an increase in the physical or mental demands placed upon a person. An example of a change in the environment can be found in the workplace when differences arise between members of a group, when communication breaks down in the group, or when there is a mismatch between a person\'s personality and the type of work they perform or the organization in which they are employed. Clarifying expectations can help alleviate some stress by outlining what is expected by all parties involved in any given situation.

A certain amount of stress can be expected in normal everyday life but even this can have a negative effect on your health. Stress is the number one cause of the chiropractic subluxation which causes nerve interference resulting in adverse consequences for the bodily organs and systems controlled by the effected nerves. Regular chiropractic care can help relieve the affects of stress by removing the subluxation mechanism by which stress affects the human body via the nerves thereby avoiding the negative physical consequences of stress.

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