Broken Chiropractor Record in Germantown

Broken Chiropractor Record in Germantown

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Sometimes I feel like a broken Chiropractor record, (some of you may not know what a record is), but when an inactive, slightly overweight patient asks what they exercises they can do, I usually respond with, \"What do you do now?\" The answer is usually nothing.

It is often difficult for someone who has not done any activity for many years to jump into a rigorous exercise regimen without laying any ground work. Yes, some can, often with great results, but that tends to be the exception. For the rest of humanity, or most living in Germantown, I will suggest some core strengthening exercises and to walk. The disappointment on people\'s faces is often obvious. There is no miracle exercises for getting in better shape. It will not happen in the next two weeks. But in order to start the process you need to take the first steps, and that is often simply putting one foot in front of the other. And then repeating for at least 20 minutes. Once comfortable with 20 minutes you can add more time, increase your pace, do both.

As a Chiropractor practicing in Germantown/Gaithersburg area for almost two decades now, my goal is to help people achieve a level of increased health and wellness.

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