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Metro Area Chiropractic & Rehab L.L.C opened its doors in 2007. We are conveniently located 5 minutes from Bowie Town Center on Mitchellville rd. between Northview drive and Mount Oak Rd.

Metro Area Chiropractic and Rehab specializes in helping people obtain optimal health by implementing concepts of health, and wellness and prevention through natural means. The first goal may be to relieve pain and to help with ailments such as back pain, joint pain, neck pain, and headaches, the larger goal is to restore health and wellness. This goal is achieved by giving the highest quality chiropractic care available, providing proactive education in the community and converting people’s attitudes from sick care to wellness care. At Metro Area Chiropractic and Rehab, it is our desire that patients will discover the Difference between Living and Living Well for Life.

You will be joining millions of others worldwide that have enjoyed better health through chiropractic. Congratulations on your decision to participate in chiropractic care in our office.

We have a simple and to the point concern. Our goal is to offer the highest quality chiropractic care to everyone who seeks our services. We want each and every person who comes to us to feel we have given our all toward getting maximum results. We believe everyone deserves an abundant and healthy life.

What this statement means is that we take our job seriously. We are committed to helping people, and doing so with the best care possible. I consider your relationship with us to be a two way street. We will do half of the work, and you will be doing half the work. I say this because, ultimately, you heal you! Without your cooperation, no results are possible. One of the most important things you can do to help yourself is to find out as much as possible about your care, subluxation, chiropractic, and health in general.

To help you in this area, we have many resources we will be providing to you during your care. If at any time you feel you need more information, please ask us. An open dialog is an essential part of obtaining the results you deserve.

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Metro Area Chiropractic & Rehab
2905 Mitchellville Road Suite 116
Bowie, MD 20716
(301) 575-6549


“Dr. Rosa listened carefully as I described what I was dealing with, and took the time to explain to me the problem and diagnosis. He began using techniques that provided relief almost immediately... I would highly recommend anyone on staff with the Rosa practice.”

- Harry C.

“Not only am I no longer having pain, but my mental health and emotional state are better than they have ever been. I truly believe that it is because of my treatments at Perry Hall Chiropractic & Physical Therapy."

- C.C.

“Rosa Family Chiropractic is fantastic! I went in with a long time shoulder injury that has been bothering me over the years. I called up their office (was not put on hold) and was able to get a same-day appointment.”

- Kerry L.

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2905 Mitchellville Road Suite 116

Bowie, MD 20716

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