Woodlawn High School

Located on Woodlawn Drive is Woodlawn High School

Home of the Warriors. Woodlawn High School is a Baltimore County Magnet school with programs to help students prepare for entrance to college. Woodlawn High School is a four year program available to 9-12th graders in the Woodlawn and Catonsville communities. The school's vision is "To create globally competitive, civic-minded 21st century leaders who will enter school daily to learn and leave to achieve in the college and/or career workforce."

The AVID program is active at the high school.

The goal of this program is to "close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society." The acronym "AVID" refers to Advancement Via Individual Determination. It is a global nonprofit organization. By providing academic and social support to high school students, this organization offers the encouragement for students to rise to the challenge of academic achievement and social responsibility to instill a sense of self-motivation that will last a lifetime.

Baltimore County Magnet high school

As mentioned above, Woodlawn High School is a Baltimore County Magnet high school. Eighth grade students who are interested in the magnet program will have to apply for their specific magnet program. The programs offered at Woodlawn High School are Bio-Med and Engineering. The eighth grade student must prove academic proficiency and they must show social responsibility throughout their junior high school career. Applications are generally accepted in the Fall and acceptance notices are released sometime in the Spring. The high school is home to the magnet program as well as a more general program attended by many students zoned for this particular high school.

Early college program

An Early College Program is also offered at Woodlawn High School. This is a relatively new magnet program being offered starting this 2017-2018 school year. This course provides students a chance to combine high school and college in a "supportive yet rigorous educational environment."

Social Opportunities

The high school offers many social opportunities for students as well. Clubs that are offered include: 100 Strong Role Models, Asian Culture Club, Book Club, Chess Club, Spears Dance Team, Drama Club, Educators Rising, Band, JROTC, Mock Trial Team, Newspaper, Robotics, Student Government Association, Vocal Music, Yearbook Committee and Multi-Cultural Club. All of these clubs not only involve the student in an area of their own interest but they cultivate a social awareness and help students learn to interact with people of different temperaments. These skills will serve a person well once they enter the workforce and are required to interact with other people in a professional setting.


Woodlawn High School has a strong sports program with many different sports available to interested students. Among some of the sports programs being offered there is men's and women's basketball, track and field, men's and women's volleyball, soccer, baseball and softball. Golf, cross country, men's wrestling, tennis, bowling and men's lacrosse are also offered at the school. Cheerleaders and the marching band, complete with drum line lead pep-rallies on a regular basis to support their teams.
Woodlawn High School is a Baltimore County magnet school which has become a significant positive force for young people in our community. Located on Woodlawn Drive in the heart of the Woodlawn/Gwyn Oak area it is a central location serving our young community.