Why do Alexandria Residents need repeated chiropractic adjustments?

Why do Alexandria Residents need repeated
chiropractic adjustments?

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Two of the questions I receive the most often from my patients are inherently intertwined.
The questions: 

  1. How do joint restrictions occur?
  2. Why do I have to be adjusted multiple times?

The answer to the first question is simple.  Joint restrictions occur from repeated and prolonged positions, repeated activities, or traumas.  Traumatic causation includes: auto accidents, a fall while skiing, or even a collision on a basketball court.  For repeated, prolonged positions think of an office worker or a line cook.  Examples of repetitive activities include picking up a child out of a crib, using vacuum (or other tool) at work.

The number of times a patient needs to be adjusted to correct an area of restriction is related to the degree of injury and the duration of the problem.  For significant injuries or problems that have been present for a long time, process of correction can take several treatments.  Whether the problem requires just a few or several treatments, the process of restoring proper joint function also includes restoring balance to the soft tissue (muscle, ligament, joint capsule), which includes muscle relaxation, stretching and strengthening.

As any joint restriction problem is being corrected the most common experience is for the patient\'s symptoms to reduce after treatment only to have the symptoms begin to return - in many cases just a day or two later if in the early stages of treatment.  As the treatment progresses, the body will respond by keeping the affected joint moving properly for longer and longer periods without the need for chiropractic therapy.

The reason the two questions are so tied together is that many of the causes of joint restrictions are from the patient\'s daily work or recreation activities, which makes them difficult to avoid.  This can prolong the corrective therapy as the primary cause of the problem is unable to be removed.  However, the greater concern is that going back to the same repeated postures or activities is more than likely going to bring about future bouts with the same condition.

For many patients, knowing that their daily activities are battling their body, they opt for some level of care that prevents joint restrictions from building up to a point of great concern.  Others take the route of waiting for pain to return before coming in for treatment.  I take the time to make sure my patients know what is happening and why so they can make the best informed decision for themselves.

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