What About You?

What About You in Woodlawn MD?

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Here in Woodlawn, Maryland we are seeing school buses and back pack laden kids walking on the sidewalks again. I guess that means its back to school season with Fall and the Holidays right around the corner. For many of us this is the perfect storm of scheduling challenges and as we settle into our new routines our stress levels tend to rise. Make sure you take some time away from the hustle and bustle to take care of yourself so that you remain well enough to keep up with the extra demands on your calendar, your body and your mind!

Stress can literally make you sick so be sure you take time out to de-stress and relax a bit. Hit the coffee shop for a decaf and instead of drinking it in the car grab a seat at the shop and take a real break. Do a little meditation…nothing fancy. Treat yourself to the occasional mani/pedi. Yes, even you gentlemen can pamper your tootsies a bit. No time for the nails shop and you don't like coffee? No worries. Sit in a quiet and comfortable spot and just relax as you concentrate on your breathing. In and out, in and out…no need to try to clear your mind of all clutter. Who can do that anyway?

Make sure that you are maintaining a healthy diet and drinking lots of water. Many of us pay more attention to healthy eating habits during swim suit season. You get from your body what you put into it. Junk in, junk out…good in, good out. Strongly consider adding supplements to your health regimen to fill in any holes in your diet and to give you those little boosts your body requires. Now is the time when you need more energy and cognitive clarity so give your body the good stuff and you'll be up to the task.

Taking care of your musculoskeletal health is just as important at this time of year as it is during every time of the year. At Barrett Family Chiropractic we are committed to helping you do this. Regain and maintain proper function of the spine and other joints so that you stay pain free and help your nervous system maintain great overall health. Because your nerves leave your brain and exit the skull or spinal canal to get to every cell in your body it is impossible for your body to function at maximum capacity if your joints are in a state of dysfunction and they continuously irritate those nerves. In Woodlawn, we don't' want to let your spine get on your nerves! Let Dr. Barrett and the staff at Barrett Family Chiropractic help. Give us a call at 410-265-9911 and come in for a same day or next day appointment. We are your best option for chiropractic care in Woodlawn MD.


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