Walking To Maintain Health and Improve Lower Back Pain in Rockville

Chiropractic Greenbelt MD Low Back Pain

Walking is an excellent form of low impact aerobic exercise. Not only is it a sustainable method of exercise to help with weight control, but it is also an excellent way to maintain spine health and improve lower back pain. Walking can help strengthen muscles of the hips and legs, which in turn help maintain stability in the lower back. Walking activates smaller postural muscles in the lower back which help keep the spine stable and can decrease chronic, nagging lower back pain. The low impact nature of walking means it is an easier exercise regimen to maintain and it helps keep the body moving, allowing for improved circulation.

How Walking Can Help Poor Posture in Rockville MD

A regular walking routine can also help correct poor posture developed from hours of sitting at the computer or looking down at your phone. Walking may also help improve your mental health by giving your eyes a break from the screen and allowing you to spend some time in nature. Regular walking has also been shown to decrease stress and anxiety as well as improve sleep. So get outside, soak up the sun, and improve your overall health by walking at least 2-3 times per week!

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