Waist Trainers in Frederick

Waist Trainers in Frederick

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Waist trainers give the misconception that they provide an easy solution to belly fat. They have become the go-to fitness hack for people who want to trim their middles, and create an hourglass figure. But is the corset-training trend worth it?

The truth about waist trainers is that they make you feel more confident, than actually losing any fat. They will visibly streamline the appearance of the body, but they do not have any permanent slimming effects. This is based on the fact that the individuals who wear the waist trainer have the same body percentage as they did prior to wearing the device. If you want a smaller waistline and tighter abdominal muscles, exercises such as planking and twisting crunches can help create definition in the waist. Losing inches in your waistline requires moderate-to-high intensity exercise and proper nutrition (the good old-fashioned way).

But you may want to think again, before trying this trend. There are many health concerns surrounding using a waist trainer. If a waist trainer is too tight it could cause discomfort, restrict breathing, and contribute to gastrointestinal problems.

These waist trainers create a narrow waistline, which can cause your stomach to be pushed up past the diaphragm. When the stomach is compressed in this manner, it may lead to increased incidence of reflux. Restriction of the diaphragm itself causes pulmonary issues and does not allow for you to take deep breaths. For this reason it is recommended that they should not be worn during exercise. On the other end, your lower intestines can be compressed downward into the pelvic region. There is potential for herniation of the intestines or bladder through the pelvic floor into the vaginal area in extreme cases. On the exterior, skin infection, chaffing and scarring can occur to the skin when the corset is worn too tight. If you are experiencing any of these health symptoms you should discontinue use of the waist trainer.

If worn for prolonged periods of time the waist trainers can cause a decrease in core strength. The corset may help temporary for alleviating low back pain, due to the support from the device. It may help improve posture temporarily, but if worn for an extended period your body becomes dependent of the device. Musculature weakens over time due to lack of use. Even workouts with wearing the trainer are less effective, because they reduce the intensity of the workouts and reduce the tone of the abdominal muscles.

By far, the best guidelines to follow for individuals who want to stay fit and pride themselves in their appearance is to have a healthy diet, exercise regimen and lifestyle. People are always looking for a way to cheat or a quick fix to fitness, and the answer is, there isn\'t one. Ask Dr. Blackburn at Valley Chiropractic in Frederick for the steps to create a personalized plan for to begin your healthy lifestyle.

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