Vitamin D Deficiency in Woodlawn

Vitamin D Deficiency in Woodlawn

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WOW!!!  Are you in the 40% of Americans Affected

Believe it or not vitamin D deficiency affects 40% of American adults.  This is almost an epidemic and many people do not even realize that their vitamin D levels are dangerously low.  Our chiropractors in Woodlawn, MD we are concerned about this common health issue and we feel it is important to educate our patients and our community about the dangers of low levels of vitamin D.

Research shows that vitamin D deficiency in adults is related to osteoporosis, heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune diseases (such as rheumatoid arthritis and systemic lupus), high blood pressure (or hypertension) and it can cause many problems with pregnancies.  Dr. Barrett, your Woodlawn, MD chiropractor, is always concerned when a patient complains of general aches and pains.  It is important to rule out a vitamin D deficiency to see if the problem is purely musculoskeletal or if there are some systemic components.

Vitamin D Deficiency in Woodlawn Results in A Variety of Difficulties

Symptoms of vitamin D deficiency in adults are usually subtle.  Sometimes, especially early on, there are no symptoms at all.  Many of the aches and pains that people experience and go to their chiropractor for help are the same as those one might experience with a vitamin D deficiency.  This is why it is important to rule out this deficiency.  Another more common symptom of this vitamin deficiency is tiredness or fatigue.  As we age who doesn\'t feel a bit tired or run down from time to time?  We attribute it to stress or our busy work and home schedules.  Well, your stress and schedule may be masking a bigger problem.

Being chronically deficient in vitamin D can also cause or worsen depression.  Our bodies use sunlight to stimulate natural vitamin D production in our skin.  Vitamin D is necessary for your body to produce serotonin.  Serotonin puts our brain in a good mood and so it affects our happiness.  It turns out that low D can give you the blues.

Another issue that can be caused or affected by a vitamin D deficiency is Hypertension (also known as high blood pressure).  Hypertension is becoming more and more common in our society and it can lead to other significant health issues like heart attack and stroke.  Some studies suggest that supplementation with vitamin D should be used in the early treatment plan for patients with hypertension or prehypertension.  Why not try something natural before going to one of the chemical medications?

A vitamin D deficiency affects a smaller percentage of children but when children suffer this deficiency it can lead to delayed growth, skeletal deformities and can progress to a serious condition called Rickets.  This progression in kids is pretty rare these days.  Symptoms in children can differ than the subtle yet more frequently seen symptoms exhibited by adults.  It is always a good idea to mention any concerns about vitamin deficiencies with your child\'s pediatrician or their chiropractor.

There are many other issues caused by vitamin D deficiency but it is a relatively easy problem to fix.  See your doctor or chiropractor to have the proper blood test done.  If you are deficient your practitioner can help you determine the right supplement to take and the correct dosage.  Dr. Barrett and the staff at Barrett Family Chiropractic care about the general health and wellbeing of our patients from the Woodlawn, Maryland community.  If you think you have any of the symptoms of a vitamin D deficiency or if you have any musculoskeletal or neurological problems, give us a call at 410-265-9911.  We will work with you so you can have a great and healthful outcome!!

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