Toxic Air in Woodlawn MD? Here’s a Solution

Toxic Air in Woodlawn MD? Here\'s a Solution

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Especially during the Woodlawn winter months, the air in our homes and in our work places seems to get stale. This means a build up of germs, microbial pathogens and toxins, such as those from building materials, paint, flame retardants and dust. These toxins will eventually end up in our bodies. One great way to filter this garbage out of the air…go green, go VERY green. Bring in some house plants to filter the air. Plants also produce oxygen which is essential to life.
Which houseplants should I get, you ask?

1. English Ivy-This beautiful super filter has been shown to reduce airborne mold spores by 60% and 58% of airborne feces (eeew!) after being placed in a room for just 6 hours.

2. Snake Plant-Even if you don\'t have a green thumb you can probably keep this plant alive and thriving. They are great filters and need almost no lighting. They\'re pretty forgiving if you forget to water them for a bit too.

3. Spider Plant-These plants have nothing to do with our eight legged friends other then their spidery appearance. One spider plant can filter a room of 200 square feet and it needs very little light to thrive.

4. Aloe Vera-Many people keep this plant on hand to treat minor burns but did you know that one pot of this succulent plant can filter as many as nine biological air filters (Thanks for the info Earthship)!

5. Peace Lily-This flowering plant does a great job filtering many different toxins found in the average home. Many varieties of Lilies are toxic to animals but this one is not… but I wouldn\'t let my cats eat it anyway.

6. Rubber Plant-Now, these leaves can be toxic to pets so you may want to be careful with this one. It is terrific for removing formaldehyde from the air and they are very easy to grow.

NASA has done a lot of research on the subject of plants as filters and producers of oxygen. They recommend that you have about 15-20 house plants to get produce the healthiest air in your home. So, get some dirt and pots and head to your nearest nursery for some of these green helpers…and don\'t forget to put at least one or two plants in each bedroom! Contact your Woodlawn chiropractor if you have more questions.

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