Top Things To Do In Woodlawn To Have Fun In 2018

An Active Town

Woodlawn is a town in Baltimore County, in Maryland. On the south, it borders Catonsville and Howard County on the west and the city of Baltimore in the east. Woodlawn is a very active town with lots of landmarks to see. You can also participate in several activities. The locals are very friendly, and the sights are spectacular. This article will guide you on the things you can do in Woodlawn, MD.

Visit the Patapsco Valley State Park

It's the best place for you to come for a weekend gate away from the busy towns. It has an ample parking space and offers several activities such as hiking and biking. You can also check out the "Swinging Bridge," which will blow your mind away. The park has vast playgrounds, jungle gyms and lots of picnic spots. There are rangers in each trail that offer directions to visitors who aren't familiar with the terrain. You can also ask for a map, to ensure you don't get lost.

Go to the Urban Pirates

The Urban Pirates will provide you with an exhilarating experience that you will never forget. The pirate-themed adventures fall into two categories; family and the adult cruises. You can book online or call to get tickets. You will get to see the beautiful city lights as you cruise around the harbor. The adults get free shots of rum. There's a gift shop in the ship that sells you pirate items. There are pirate hats, eye patches, and even swords. It will bring your pirate fantasies to life.

The Historical Ellicott City

Despite being small, the Ellicott City is very vibrant. It's unique and is home to several groups of people. It's the ideal place for you to go on a stroll with your family, friend or a date. There are several wine bars and cafes. Nevertheless, if you want a casual type of dinner, you can check out the following restaurants; the Riverside Brick Oven, Johnny's Bistro and the Diamond Backs. You can also buy unique antiques and do some shopping. If you like historical sites, then it's the right place for you. The old building spices up the city's charm.

Have a taste of the Local Cuisine and Learn How to Prepare It

The town has a famous restaurant known as "For the Love of Food." It's not only a place to eat, but it also offers cooking classes. You can decide to attend these classes so that you sharpen your cooking schools. The chef is friendly and knowledgeable. He provides you with the recipes and guides you on how to prepare the meals. The restaurant is very courteous because they welcome you with snacks and drinks.

Check Out the "Escape This Live"

It is the first Escape Room to be built in Baltimore County. At the ETL, you get to choose a room. The most preferred is the Time Travel and Wild West Room. You, therefore, have to puzzle yourself out of the room. The puzzles are challenging but doable. They provide excellent customer services, and the staff is very handy in helping you understand the game better.

Woodlawn is full of fun, and there are a lot of things you can learn from it. Other than the places mentioned above, there are other places you can visit such as the Charm City Pedal Mill and the Washington Photo Safari.