Top Things To Do In Greenbelt To Have Fun In 2018

Go-to destination for tourists

Located in Maryland in the USA, Greenbelt is one of the three green towns planned in 1935 by the United States Resettlement Administration. It's a go-to destination for tourists due to the exciting attractions in the area including parks, resource centers, and camping spots. Adventurers, shoppers, campers, fitness enthusiasts, as well as nature trailers are spoiled of choices with the many facilities that suite individual style and comfort. Here are things to do in Greenbelt, MD.

Go camping in the National Greenbelt Park

If you are looking for a camping site outside Washington, then this is the place to visit. The camping grounds are safe, affordable and host thousands of species of animals and native plants. The main visitors are scouts and youth camping groups who built tents, light bonfires and stay for weeks or a month. Besides, the park also has a lovely azalea trail that is excellent for a morning jog, taking your dog for a walk and cycling.

Visit the Buddy Arctic Park

Buddy Arctic Park is well-maintained with a non-paved nature trail, children's playgrounds, and picnic areas. The 1.3 miles long nature trail is excellent for cyclists, runners, and walkers. The picnic areas have individual tables overlooking the lake allowing you to enjoy the cool breeze and fresh air. Besides, the lake offers boat padding for kids.

Explore space in the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Although small, this museum is an inspiration for space exploration and aeronautical science enthusiasts. The science-on-a-sphere presentation is breathtaking, giving unique views of the earth and its galaxies. It is also a convenient place to visit if you are travelling with your kids because it offers a wide array of kid's activities and learning materials. It has a theatre for Global presentations, an actual moon rock, a Gemini and Apollo capsule, and a model of the James Webb Space Telescope. It also has a gift shop with space-related items, shirts, pens, patches and so much more.

Visit Greenbelt Museum

Greenbelt Museum is a living tribute to the Green Cities Program of Roosevelt's New Deal. It tells the story of the city's exciting past through tours around this historic home, public lectures, award-winning exhibits, and educational programs for children. Besides, they have docents who are friendly and well conversant with the history of the community to take visitors for a walk around the town.

Watch a movie at the Old Greenbelt Theatre

The local vintage theatre is a good place that you will definitely love. Here, you have the chance to watch current shows, movies, and films in a unique, spacious environment. Besides, you can enjoy your delicious snacks, a clean and comfortable auditorium area, and a large old-timey single movie screen that transports you back to the early 20th century. Their fee is affordable, and air films that are community-oriented with special children's shows and several festival programs.

Bottom line

Among the three Greenbelt towns, Greenbelt, MD is the best-preserved town. It has retained much of its green space despite the encroachment of development and construction of highways. Here, there are a lot of amazing things to do in a clean, natural environment.