Top Things To Do In Falls Church To Have Fun In 2018

Falls Church, VA is an excellent destination for individuals who are looking to unwind. Although it does not occupy a large area, the city has a lot to offer regarding historical sites, cultural centers, and excellent dining options. You can also tag your family members along since there are several family-friendly activities to undertake.

1. Take a historic trail

One of the ideal ways to get to know the city is to participate in a historic trail. The train entails going through marked sites which were part of the larger civil wars path. Here are the seven marked spots you will pass by:

  • Cherry Hill Farm-Falls church home front
  • Living in Fear- where a church raid took place
  • Galloway Methodist Church- it is a historic African-American cemetery.
  • Harriet and George Prince- all about acquiring freedom and facing challenges
  • The Falls Church- Renewal and vandalism
  • The village of Falls Church- It is between the Armies
  • Taylor's Tavern- professor Lowe's balloons
  • To enjoy the trail in its fullness, you ought to book for a tour.

2. Go to the city parks

There are 14 city parks in Falls Church, VA, where both the residents and visitors can engage in several activities. Considering the array of parks, you cannot miss an event to participate in while in the city of Falls Church. You can play, bike, walk, trail or run. If you have children with you, get a park that offers play equipment or a playground where the kids can have a lovely time. The sports lovers are well catered for, considering the variety of games they can undertake. Most parks offer volleyball, tennis and basketball courts. You may also consider having a cookout especially if the park provides you with grill equipment and picnic tables. The parks in Falls Church, VA are:

  • Crossman Park
  • Madison Park
  • Larry Graves Park
  • Cherry hill Park
  • Berman Park
  • Lincoln Park
  • Big Chimneys Park
  • Tinner Hill Park
  • cavalier Park
  • Howard E. Herman Stream Valley Park
  • Roberts Park
  • West End Park
  • Fort Taylor Park
  • Donald South Frady Park

3. Visit the Historic Falls Church

The city was named after this Church, therefore to understand its history; you ought to visit the church. The first church structure was constructed in 1734, and it was wooden. Over time, it faced decay, and the residents had to replace it with a brick structure in 1769. Some of the great congregation to have been part of the church includes President George Washington and George Mason who was a Virginia statesman. It was named "falls" because of its geographical location, as it was close to the falls of the Potomac River.

4. Go for shopping at the Eden center

It is a Vietnamese American strip mall that is situated at the crossroads of seven corners in the Falls Church City, VA. It is considered a top tourist destination by the city's Economic Development Commission. The mall houses over 120 restaurants, shops, and other businesses. Considering that it is tailored to the Vietnamese culture, there is a lot to try out from this culture.

Eden Center was developed after the Vietnam War in 1984 by the Vietnamese-American community in Virginia. The mall hosts an annual New Year Vietnam festival and a yearly Moon festival. Both events are widely attended due to the extensive display of dances, exceptional food, fireworks, and performers. Every other September, the Eden Center hosts the annual Miss Vietnam DC pageant. This is an excellent contest in the DC area.

5. Tour the ArtSpace Falls Church

It houses an art gallery and a 95-seat theater. The ArtSpace is managed and operated by Creative Cauldron, which is a non-profit organization. The organization's mission is to make art pieces affordable to all, by offering all-year art programs. They also provide professional performances of music, dance and live theater for both adults and children.

6. Visit the state theater

It is a concert and restaurant venue located in Falls Church, VA. It was established in 1936 and operated as a movie theater until 1988. The stage was the first ever in the town to have a centralized air conditioner. The first film to be displayed in the place was "thanks a million," in which Dick Powell was starring. It was later restored during the late 1990s and converted into a venue for private events and live music. The entire theater is as it was the many centuries ago.