2018 Must See Landmarks In Rockville MD

Situated in Montgomery County

Rockville is among the cities in US which is situated in Montgomery County in Maryland State. The city is the seat of the county. Rockville is a place where gatherings can be made in, have the chance to shop in the new market termed organic as well take kids to have fun. This same place you can also get to know of new things, park your vehicle safely giving you the feeling of being in a lively community. Some of the must see landmarks in Rockville include:

Lake Needwood

Needwood Lake is a reservoir measuring about 75 acres which is located inside Creek Rock Regional Park. This lake was made purposely for controlling floods. Additionally, the reservoir functions to protect quality of the rock creek's water through acting as retention basin which traps any sediment trapped from the runoff of storm water.
This lake forms part of Creek Rock Regional Park. Tourists who visit the place can as well rent canoes, rowboats and pedal boats and also Queen of Needwood which are ready for rides. For persons possessing licenses, they can do fishing. The reservoir is surrounded by picnic areas which are well known for several events.

Creek Rock Regional Park

The regional park is opened from sunrise every day to sunset throughout the year. The park houses several facilities whose operational hours may vary. The park features things such as hiking trails, archery range, playgrounds, picnic areas, snack bar and also visitors' center. The hiking trail of creek rock begin at Needwood Lake and then extend by 14.5 miles towards Washington DC.

Treks Earth Climbing Center

This is a climbing wall which is indoors. The wall is the country's largest featuring 38,500 feet plus of climbing. The inside wall features, locker rooms, gear shops which are fully stocked for visitors to have fun and also cardio and strength yoga room and training area. Earth Treks also includes five teaching areas which are private for groups and classes, 200 plus top-rope climbs together with interspersed lead routes. Treks earth is always open every day but closed on public holidays recognized worldwide. Entrance fees is imposed at the gate for persons who would like to climb the wall.

Glenview mansion

This historic surrounding property and home is situated in Rockville in Maryland State. The house covers 65 acres of land and it shows the Neo-classical house style which was used back in 1926 when it was constructed. This mansion is divided into five parts which incorporates 1838 house remnants of the house which was referred to as Glenview. Rockville city gained full ownership of the grounds since 1857 and recently they use it to hold social, cultural and also civic events. The Glenview mansion apparently also is called Rockville Center Civic Centre. This house as well houses Glenview Art Gallery Mansion.

Latvian museum

This museum is located in Rockville with its main mission as communication and preservation of culture and history of Latvians who reside in United States. This museum is housed by facilities which include American Association of Latvians national headquarters, Lutheran Evangelical Church of Latvian and Latvian school which are facilities known to provide necessities to the community living in Washington DC.