2018 Must See Landmarks In Laurel MD

Exceptional landmarks

Situated almost midway between Baltimore and Washington, D.C on the banks of the Patuxent River, Laurel is a city in northern Prince George's County, Maryland. It was founded in the early 19th century as a mill town. But, the arrival of Ohio and Baltimore Railroad in 1835 expounded local industry, which enabled the town to serve as an early commuter zone. Today, the city is largely residential and yet it has retained a historic district highlighting its industrial past. Moreover, Laurel, MD boasts exceptional landmarks that include:

Dinosaur Park

The park preserves rare deposits of dinosaur fossils from the early Cretaceous Period (approximately 110 million years ago). It also has fossils of the early flowering plants that help scientists to reconstruct the ancient history of the region. Visitors can explore climbable dinosaur skeleton and Cretaceous-era plants. Besides, the park includes interpretive signs that describe the prehistoric environment, Maryland's dinosaurs, and the African-American history of the community.

Montpelier Mansion

Montpelier was built in the 1780's and was one among the numerous Snowden homes. The Georgian styled house had been a home to four generations of the Snowdens. It also housed enslaved people, including Cat Creek, Nance, and a blacksmith. The mansion was renovated in the 1980's and now visitors can go in and learn about what life was like in the 18th and 19th centuries. Moreover, you can stroll over the 70 acres fields and wooden paths that make Montpelier an oasis of serenity in a bustling city.

Granville Gude Park and Lake house

Granville Gude Park boasts two lakes and a Lake house. While the lake's history dates back the beginnings of Laurel, the Lake house was built in 1986. This 29-acre park has picnic pavilions, grills, horseshoe pits, picnic tables, state of the art playground, and boat dock with paddle boat. It also has open play areas, an outdoor stage, and extensive hiker/biker trails. Furthermore, the park is usually a host of several community events including movies in the park, July 4 celebration, and Extravaganza at Easter among others.

National wildlife visitor center

As a part of Patuxent Research Refuge, National Wildlife Visitor Center is the largest center in the United States that hosts environmental science and education. Managed by the United States Department of the Interior, the center is a home to a collection of informative environment and scientific exhibits. Besides, it offers diverse outdoor recreational activities like guided hiking trips.

Laurel Lake

The 25-acre lake is part of the Pine Grove Furnace State Park that offers outdoor water adventures including electric motor boating, swimming, and fishing. It has a beach area where visitors enjoy the scenic view of the lake while sunbathing. Additionally, the Pine Park has some of the best hiking trails.

Dutch Country Farmers Market

With different types of foods to choose from, the market is strategically located on the Fort Meade Road. Here you can rave about the homemade pies, breads, and cakes. The fruits and vegetables in the market are fresh, mouthwatering, and they will tempt you to simply dig in.

To recap

Laurel, MD offers exciting and intriguing must see landmarks. The area caters for nature lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, and visitors who enjoy indoor activities. Thus, whether you like total engagement or relaxation, to learn or simply to have fun, the city has you covered.