2018 Must See Landmarks In Woodlawn MD

There are plenty of interesting places you can visit in Woodlawn. One group of attractions aplenty in Woodlawn are landmarks. Here are remarkable landmarks in Woodlawn, MD.

1. Washington Monument and the Mount Vernon Place

This landmark is in the national historical landmarks registry. It is said to be the first monument erected in honor of George Washington, United States first president. This monument was in disarray for sometime after the civil war but has been restored by Mount Vernon Place's Conservancy. Of late, major refurbishments have been carried out to return it to its initial state. Consequently, it was refurbished and opened again to the public during its bicentennial on 4th July 2015. If you go there, it is recommended that you visit the website to know the hours allowed for visitation and making reservations. Magnificent park squares surround the monument adding to the beauty of Mount Vernons Place.

2. Hell House

It is a spooky place to visit endowed with nice photography spots. It also has incredible hiking spots although they aren't as long as those you'll find anywhere else. To explain the reason why the whole place lies in ruins, this very spot was the location where the only Roman Catholic school laid which served Ilchester and the whole of central Baltimore. In the 1970's, the place was renamed The Hell House after abandonment. It is believed to be haunted and being home to a cult.

3. Patterson Park Pagoda

Nothing showcases Asian influence in this area than the Patterson Park Pagoda. Built in 1891, it was first used as an observatory due to the great vistas it provided. If you climb it today, the whole of downtown Baltimore will be almost at your feet. On a clear day, you will see Fort McHenry and the Key Bridge uninhibited. When you reach there, you will quickly realize that this magnificent Victorian structure stands in Patterson Park. The Pagoda languished in disuse for decades before getting restored by the city agencies in conjunction with volunteers.

4. Seven Foot Knolls Lighthouse

Seven Foot Knolls Lighthouse is Maryland's oldest screw-pile lighthouse. It was built in 1854 on top of Seven Foot Knolls in the Chesapeake Bay. The lighthouse was automated in 1950 but soon outlived its purpose leading to its removal. Today, it soars in the inner harbor where it has been turned to be a museum exhibit. It is a great spot to observe the surroundings of Woodland are as well as photographing the Chesapeake Bay. The lighthouse has been a contributing factor in Historical America Engineering Records and Baltimore National Heritage Areas. Bring your family and friends here to have the fun of a lifetime.

5. Phoenix shot tower

It is also known as the Old Baltimore shot tower. This red bricked shot tower stands at 71 meters tall with Little Italy communities located on its northeast. When the tower was completed in October 1828, it became the tallest structure in the whole of the United States. It will be interesting to note that there were three super tall towers in Baltimore at that time with Phoenix shot tower being the tallest but today, only Phoenix shot tower still exists.