2018 Must See Landmarks In Wheaton MD

The Pride of Wheaton

If you are visiting Wheaton, MD, then you will be happy to know that the small town prides itself on some of the best museums and parks which will help you make the most of your days here. Even if you are a resident, one thing is for sure, you can never get enough of these parks and museums but if you are just someone seeking to spend some quality time below is a list of these rare gems which will ensure you make your time at Wheaton, MD worthwhile.

Wheaton Regional Park

Being among one of the largest parks in Montgomery, this park is one of the main ones in Wheaton and also the best. There are plenty of smaller parks within but what stand out are the myriads of activities visitors can indulge in. For instance, it prides itself on pristine hiking trails on which adventure-loving visitors can have fun while exploring. For those who don't like engaging in such activities, it also offers a breathtaking natural vegetation on which they can have picnics on or just play games like soccer. Other recreational activities in Wheaton Regional Park include horse riding, ice skating, camping among many others. It is also home to the Ovid Hazen wells carousel and a miniature train for added fun especially if you carried your kids with you.

Meditation Museum

A six-minute drive from Wheaton town centre will take you to the meditation museum which as you can tell from the name, gives you an opportunity to interact with your inner self. Everything from its design to the art pieces available is made in such a way that it helps you take a journey to find your true self, and there are also training sessions which help you get there if you are having problems doing so on your own. There are also yoga meditation sessions which are guided and what makes them even better is the fact that they are free. Each week there are new training sessions and events taking place which revolve around matters like depression, leadership, anger and stress management among many other issues which deter us from ourselves. Lastly, there is a library packed with books, music or any other materials which make your meditation journey easier.

Brookside Gardens Park

Although it is within the Wheaton's regional park, this garden qualifies to be listed independently thanks to the share of goodies which it holds. For instance it is home to the beautiful butterfly garden which is known worldwide for the myriads of butterfly species found within. It lies on a 50-acre piece of land and visitors who know the right timing will tell you that the wings of fancy butterfly exhibit are the best thing ever because these breathtaking and fluttering creatures get to be released. As a result, visitors get treated to an array of dazzling beauty as they mix up in the air and fly away.


You also get to see the various caterpillar's which form different butterflies while the onsite library provides, even more, info regarding them. Besides the butterfly garden, there are many other plant and flower gardens which carry you away with their breathtaking displays of beauty such as the azalea, rose and fragrance gardens.