2018 Must See Landmarks In Temple Hills MD

A suburb of Washington DC

Temple Hills, MD is located in the southeast downtown district. In 2010 it had a population of less than eight thousand. The census-designated place and unincorporated region was named after Dr. Edward Temple. In 1860's he resided in a home known as Moor Park that was close to Henson Creek. The area had plenty of single family communities, garden apartments, and duplexes that were mainly built between the 1950's to 70's. Landmarks guests can enjoy viewing in the area include the following:

Rosecroft Raceway

It is a harness racing track that opened its doors in 1949. William E. Miller was the owner who was a horse breeder and trainer. It grew fast to become a social and political center drawing huge crowds each day there was a race. In the 1950's attendance was recorded to be over seven thousand a day. In addition to horse racing, other events that happen here include old-school boxing gym, expert motorcycle races, and rugby tournaments. The place also serves various banquets, flea markets, senior citizen days, governor's day, and fundraising for politicians. It lies on 125 acres and offers 2, 500 parking spots.

Shops at Iverson

It was the first shopping mall in Washington D.C that was built featuring climate control. It was also entirely enclosed. The shopping area covering 165,000 square feet was opened on 20th April 1967. At the time it was valued at $10 million. In addition to stores, there are also office buildings. It initially had fountains, but they were all removed during remodeling in 1985. The renovation cost about $30 million, and it was to be complete by the end of 2017 with new glass façade, wood, lighting, restrooms, security and several energy efficient upgrades.

Marlow Heights Shopping Center

Shopping opportunities are plentiful in Temple Hills, MD. It is an open-air shopping complex that started out as a Giant Food store. It was founded on 16th September 1957. At that point it was the most costly and largest shopping center in Washington D.C. Macy's are examples of major retailers who put up shop here.


It is best described as a new age destination for theatre, arts, film, technology, and music. It welcomes audiences from all age groups enabling them to experience and exceptional art experience. It was the first innovative digital art gallery. Its spaces are mainly dedicated to showcasing immersive and experimental installations by artists who consider themselves forerunners in regards to the new age in technology and arts.

Arcade Bar

It is the only retro arcade bar in D.C. It allows revelers to go back in time as they listen to their favorite music or play the games from the early 80's or 90's. This permits adults to feel as though they were kids again but one who has permission to take a beer. It is the sort of place that people just go and forget about any trouble they have. The bar has performances by rock bands to enhance the experience allowing guests to have an excellent time.