2018 Must See Landmarks In Takoma Park MD

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Waterways, pristine coastal shores, numerous museums, parks and on top of it all many cities and towns within it, Maryland is one of those states that any American citizens wish to visit even if it is for one weekend only. It has many famous cities such as Baltimore and many other smaller towns such as Wheaton, MD. If you have never heard about it, Wheaton MD is in Montgomery County and is a census-designated town which grew as a result of another city which popped up near it. It has a low population of approximately 48,284 people and lies on 17.9 kilometers. Thus if you are looking for a place which will help you stay away from traffic snarl-ups, congestion and at the same time offers you all the necessary amenities, then Wheaton MD is a perfect fit. Read on to find out the must-see landmarks in Wheaton, MD if you visit on a weekend.

Wheaton Regional Park

Established back in the 1960's Wheaton Regional Park is not only the most prominent landmark in Wheaton but also the largest park in Montgomery as it covers an area of approximately 536 acres. It will offer you plenty of high energy but fun activities to indulge in such as ice skating, horseback riding, hiking and if you are a soccer fan, there is plenty of space which you and your friends could play on. Also if you tag your kids along to Wheaton MD, then it is not such a bad idea because the park features a carousel known as the Ovid Hazen wells which are guaranteed to keep them entertained all day with its many jumping hordes, chariots, and even zebras. Additionally, there is a miniature train which takes visitors on a tour of the park and thus enabling you to see most of the parts which you would not have been able to see if you were on foot. Though it is just a short tour, it is sure worth it. The park has numerous sub parks within it which we have talked about below.

Brookside Gardens

Located inside the Wheaton regional park, Brookside garden is a haven for people who treasure picnics and being in an area where they can connect with nature. Even those who do not love nature this 50-acre garden will definitely make them change their minds. It features lush horticultural gardens with different flower types and plants. For instance, the aquatic garden boasts water plants which are in the ponds while the azalea one has more than 400 azalea varieties. The butterfly garden takes the show with its diverse array of breathtaking butterfly species and even displays all the stages of growth of these dazzling creatures in their rawest form. Other min gardens include the fragrance one which as you can tell is full of natural fragrance from the flowers in it, the Japanese, formal, children's rose and even the trial garden. In short, Brookside offers a natural and serene environment for all age groups and in different forms. There is also a library where you can check out the information regarding some of the plants and the butterflies you have seen not forgetting the various educational events held every once in a while.

Westfield Wheaton

Formerly known as Wheaton plaza, this is one of the human-made landmarks which every visitor to Wheaton MD never fails to notice or go to. It is a shopping mall with two floors and a wise parking area which will comfortably hold more than 6000 cars. It boasts a Georgian architectural style which is unique with hemispheres, bubbles, and globes as part of its exterior design. It has more than 200 shopping stores which offer everything from jewelry, music and electronics, housewares, the latest fashion for all age groups and genders, books, accessories and anything else you could ever wish for in a shopping mall. Some of the most known brands in America also have their branches here such as JC Penny, Costco, and Macy's amongst many others. Adjacent to the Westfield mall there are plenty of eateries, lounges and resorts thus you get accommodation and all that you may need easily.