2018 Must See Landmarks In Greenbelt MD

While visiting

Greenbelt, MD is one of the three planned towns developed by the United States government during the Great Depression. This suburb of Washington, D.C. was once hailed as an ideal antidote to the frantic overcrowding of the 1930's era American cities. Today, the area has expanded out of the historic core to include commercial and housing areas, lovely parks, playgrounds, and astonishing scenery.
While visiting Greenbelt, MD, here are the top must-see landmarks:

NASA Goddard Visitor Center

NASA captures the attention of every person like no other organization. It provides unequaled experiences, a key to gen, and a window to the future. Correspondingly, the Goddard Visitor Center offers a captivating and inspiring educational experience for all ages. It hosts special events, unique programs, and presentations highlighting Goddard's Earth and Space Science, technology, and engineering work. Besides, there are exhibits that capture real examples of rocket flights and satellite hardware, as well as interactive models and displays.

Buddy Attick Lake Park

Buddy Attick Lake Park is a momentous landmark that features a scenic 23-acre artificial lake with a 1.25 mile path that winds its way around it and through the woods. There are extensive hiking, walking, and biking trails perfect for passive as well as active recreational activities. The park boasts picnic pavilions with benches, tables, and grills, tot lot, a paved court area, and well-maintained playground and restrooms. Seasonal events like Easter Egg Hunt and Fireworks Displays are also drawn to the site.

The Greenbelt Museum

The 70 sq. Foot house was part of the original building in the 1937s planned community. The landmark hosts tours of the home that features apposite furniture emulating life during the Great Depression. It also boasts exquisite exhibits, holds educational programs for the children, and public lectures of this historic community. The museum allows people to relish the beauty and rich history of Greenbelt, MD.

Old Greenbelt Theatre

This is an historic, one screen movie theater that was built in 1938. The city of Greenbelt renovated the theater in 2014-15. This renovation entailed new digital projection equipment, restored ticket and lobby booth, a new 35mm projector for archival screenings, and an improved concession area. With a seating of 363 patrons, this theater is one of the only nonprofit, single screened sites in the state of Maryland.

Greenbelt Park

Greenbelt Park is situated in the suburban Greenbelt, twelve miles from Washington, D.C. The park is heavily forested making it an ideal home of diverse species of wildlife and birds. The park features extensive hiking and multi-purpose nature trails, children's playground, and picnic areas. Campsites are also available all year round. These camping grounds are known for their safety, affordability, serene surroundings, and National Park hospitality that includes hot showers and bathroom facilities.

The Takeaway

Greenbelt, a small town in Prince George County- one of the fastest growing and the largest counties in the US, has secured a special place in the history books. Although the town has gone through major developments, Greenbelt's New Deal look is still intact to suit every modern visitor. Alongside its remarkable terrain, the historic sites and landmarks are must-visit places in Greenbelt, MD.