2018 Must See Landmarks In Germantown MD

A variety of interesting landmarks

If you are visiting Maryland and you want to make the most of your trip, then Germantown is the ideal place to visit. It boasts a variety of interesting landmarks not to mention how hospitable the residents are. Being the third densely populated cities of Maryland, Germantown, MD features some of the best hotels and modern facilities hence you can be sure that you will not be short of an excellent place to stay as you move about during the day. To help you visit the best places in German MD, here is a list of the must-see landmarks in Germantown MD to visit on a weekend.

Blackrock Center for the arts

If you love music and art, then the Blackrock center for the arts in Germantown MD is the ideal must landmark for you. Established in 2002, the art center is named after a nearby historic mill which goes by the same name. It features an art gallery and a 200 seat theater, music rooms, dance studio, and even visual arts classrooms. Every year the center attracts myriads musicians and artists from across all divides and all music genres ranging from blues, jazz, pop, rocks, classics, the world to even a modern circus. It also boasts an architectural structure, and there are plenty of things to do and see when you visit here. To make the most of it and have fun to the fullest, ensure you visit Germantown when it is in its peak season.

Seneca Meadows Park

If you are visiting Germantown with a group of friends on a weekend, then you should ensure you visit this meadows park. The possibilities of activities you can indulge in are endless, for instance, you can choose to take a hike on the breathtaking Seneca creek greenway trail, biking or even setting up a camp here. If you are not into the high energy activities, the park has a fairly flat landscape on which you can enjoy a picnic while at the same time taking in the sights and sounds of the wilderness or take a boat ride on the Seneca stream.

Maryland soccerplex sports complex

Located about 2.24 miles from the city center, the Maryland soccerplex complex is also a must-see landmark and the most ideal place for soccer and sports lovers. Its construction was finished one decade ago, and it boasts various sports fields such as 8 indoor basketball and volleyball courts, 21 grass fields, archery and golf courses, Bike Park, tennis center, model boat pond, driving range, swim center, pump track and a long string of sporting facilities. Thus if you like engaging in high adrenaline activities, then this Maryland discovery center will be the most ideal one for you when you visit Germantown MD.

Lancaster County Dutch market

Commonly referred to as the Amish Market, this is the ideal place to enjoy a wide array of the local dishes, interact with the business-minded yet friendly residents of Germantown MD and even purchase fresh produce to take with you if you are on your way home. Apart from the bountiful amounts of agriculture produce, there are also sellers of Amish furniture which you can buy as a souvenir and also add to your home décor pieces to make your house stand out even more. Lastly, there is the Lapp candy, Zook's cheese and a bake shop which are sure to leave you full with their different delicacies such as candy, cheese, freshly rolled collections of pretzels, chicken and a whole load of snacks.