2018 Must See Landmarks In Frederick MD

If you are wondering what to do with this long holiday that's already knocking, then a trip to Western Maryland, Frederick for a weekend might do you some good before you can decide what to do with the rest of the holiday. With its favorable climate, warm and friendly people, rich culture, many art galleries and a rich history, there is an endless list of things you could indulge in and keep reality at bay. Read on to see some of the best landmarks which you should not miss if you are planning to go to Frederick, MD on a weekend.

Historic district

Take a trip down memory lane by visiting the historic district which is situated downtown in Frederick MD. Here, there are so many activities to indulge in that no matter how explorative you are, you will never exhaust them in a day. Only a week or more can do. Made up of 50 historic blocks, you may find it simple but once you begin the tour is when you realize that there is more than meets the eye.

There are myriads of attractions, for instance, there are various paintings drawn by William Cochran and a few other locals which are named angels in the architecture. Thanks to these paintings, this historic district has been dubbed as one of the prettiest painted places in America.
Apart from the beautiful art, there are also numerous restaurants, brewpubs and boutiques which are set to live you engaged the whole day as you eat your heart out on the local cuisines, shop fresh products from the farmers markets here, enjoy world-class beers from the brewpubs and shop antiques to take back home with you from the more than 200 vintage shops found here. You can also choose to spice up your tour of the historic district by taking a horse-drawn carriage to take you around the blocks or even a trolley ride. Nonetheless, whether you chose to walk, take the horse carriage or the trolley, the Historic district of Frederick MD is a must visit the landmark. Also in downtown Frederick, there is the national museum of civil war medicine so ensure you pass by to learn about the history of today's medicine.

Monocacy national battlefield

As mentioned earlier, Frederick MD is rich in history and most of the landmarks that you will find here help take you back in time, and the Monocacy national battlefield is one of them. It is among the top attractions, and as the name suggests, it is where the last attack on the Union territory was carried out by the Confederates and was named so because it took place at the Monocacy Junction. There are plenty of historical relics, displays and electronic maps which help you create a mental picture of what happened on this battlefield one century ago. To make it more productive, you can opt for a guided tour so that the ranger can answer any questions you may have. There are also plenty of events which take place here so you can visit Monocacy's website to get more details.

Catoctin Mountains

Besides historical landmarks, Frederick is also rich with a wild vegetation, and the Catoctin Mountains are an example. Take a few days to interact with nature and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city life by taking a hike on these breathtaking mountains or even better by camping here on a weekend with your friends. Within the mountains there are four national parks thus you can tell there are plenty of things to do from swimming in the Azure pools, fishing, picnics and even horseback rides so you can get an even better view of this impeccable piece of nature. Don't forget to carry your camera because there is no better ways to tell your friends about the breathtaking view of Cunningham fall which are in one of the parks. Additionally, these mountains are home to Camp David which adds, even more, luxury to your visit.

The Frederick Wine trail

Running across 120 acres of crisscrossing vineyards, this wine tree has more than six wineries namely, Elk Run, Springfield Manor Winery, Hidden Hills, Loew, Catoctin Breeze and Linganore. Through this tour, you get to taste different epic wines right from the factory not to forget the spectacular view of Frederick MDs countryside.
Other must-see landmarks;• Flying dog brewery• Schifferstadt architectural museum• Walkersville Southern railroad