2018 Must See Landmarks In Bowie MD

Many landmarks and sites

Bowie, Maryland has a number of landmarks and sites that a person must see while they are in town. These sites are both fun and educational. There are some landmarks that should not be missed when visiting Bowie.

Allen Pond Park

This park will allow a person the chance to relax and enjoy the outdoors. There are some nice trails to follow for those that like the outdoors. There is also a large pond for activities such as going out on a paddle boat and several different playgrounds for children. This park is great for the family to enjoy some time outdoors and it is very scenic.

Prince George Stadium

This stadium offers the family a chance to watch a ball game. This is a minor league stadium but there is so much more to do than just watch baseball. There are a number of special events that occur and there are plenty of things to keep children entertained. In addition to the game there are hands on activities for children. There are also plenty of places to get food and beverages. This stadium is home to the Bowie Baysox and the stadium is family friendly. Parking is free as well.

National Capital Radio and Television Museum

This museum is Bowie is very interesting. It has some of the first television sets as well as first radios that were ever built. There are some interesting activities that take place as well as the opportunity for many hands on experiences. The displays as detailed and is will give a lot of information about how technology has improved entertainment over the years.

Bowie Farmers' Market

This is a great place to get some fresh produce while enjoying the outdoors. A person can stop buy and purchase fresh fruit and vegetables as well as baked goods. The market is organized and is a must see for both locals and people that are visiting. The prices are good and everything at this market is always fresh.

Bowie Train Station Museum

This is another nice place for the family to visit. There are working towers that are interactive and there are plenty of old trains to see. There is a visitor center where a person can touch the trains and they can see modern trains passing by.

Vine 301 Wine Concierge

This winery is for adults and offers a complete tour with wine tasting included. A person will get to go outside and see where the grapes are grown. They will also learn some information about the area and the history of how the winery got started. The tours are guided and they are a lot of fun. They provide more information than most wine tours and groups are welcome.
These are some of the landmarks and historic areas that a person should visit while they are in the town of Bowie. Even if they are just passing through they should stop and check out these sites. A person will be able to learn something while having fun at the same time.